• Reusable baby food pouches for the New Year
    Squeezing the goodness out of what we are given®
  • The original reusable squeeze pouch with a spill-proof spout
    Our recipe section is full of quick & healthy ideas.
  • Soft, durable, toxin-free & reusable.
    New beginnings in Spring, goodness all Summer long
  • The first reusable food pouch on the market
    The original reusable squeeze pouch with a spill-proof spout™

It's not a bottle, it's a squeeze.®

The Sili Squeeze is the original reusable squeeze pouch with a spill-proof spout. Made of durable silicone and 100% toxin-free materials, our reusable food pouches are meant to last for years with your growing child, saving you money every time you fill your Sili Squeeze™.

Perfect for all your homemade baby food and smoothie recipes, healthful purees, and those readymade favorites like yogurt and applesauce. Developed by a parent, for parents, the Sili Squeeze allows portable eating to be wholesome and nutritious.

Order the spill-proof Sili Squeeze or the free-flowing Sili Squeeze with Eeeze today. It’s time to get Sili!

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Sili Squeeze

Now Available!

The Sili Funnel

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Now Available!

The Sili Funnel

Check out our demo


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A Mom-Founded Company with Soul

The Sili Company is more than a product line–We are committed to sharing the goodness with our world-wide community. Learn more about the beautiful ways your purchase and participation assist special needs children around the country.

Learn how our Sili Products have helped those with Special Needs

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  • quote We just got our Sili Squeezes yesterday and used them today. She really likes the little pouches from the grocery store but 1-they are really expensive, 2-they are so wasteful, and 3-some would usually squirt out before she got it to her mouth and make a mess. With the Sili Squeeze™, NO MESS! I only wish I had heard of your product sooner.

    — Mary

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