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The Sili Squeeze™, is not a bottle. It is a squeeze intended for pureed foods such as applesauce, blended berries and veggie blends, and ready-made favorites like yogurt.

The BPA-free and Phthalate-free, four easy-to-assemble components can be safely cleaned in the top rack of your dishwasher. The reusable, contemporary design suits any lifestyle and promotes a more economical approach to feeding your little one healthy, nutritious snacks and meals on-the-go!

Sili Components:

Detachable, clear, plastic cap keeps the nipple protected while storing your Sili Squeeze™
Silicone nipple with built-in plastic base attaches smoothly to the Sili Squeeze™ ‘home’ ring, locking in place, completing the squeeze-controlled/spill-proof, patent pending design
Silicone body is soft, easy-to-squeeze and easy-to-clean due to the naturally non-stick quality of the silicone. The wide opening makes it easy to fill with your homemade purees and smoothies.

$11.25 4 oz Sili Squeeze™*
$12.75 6 oz Sili Squeeze™*
$22.00 Sili Squeeze™ Combo Pack: one 4 oz, one 6 oz*
* (plus shipping, handling, and tax)

Now available in additional colors: Citrus, Leaf, and Reef!

Original ‘Apple’ is currently out of stock.
To order multiple colors of one type of Sili Squeeze, please select the first color and ‘Add to Cart.’ You may then go back to this page and order the next desired color. Repeat as needed. You will be able to review your order after each item is added to your cart.
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– 4 oz Sili Squeeze™
– 6 oz Sili Squeeze™
– Sili Squeeze™ Combo Pack: one 4 oz, one 6 oz
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