It is a squeeze intended for pureed foods such as applesauce, blended berries and veggie blends.

The Sili Squeeze™ was developed out of the desire to feed my growing baby nutritious food on the go whether in the car seat, stroller, or shopping cart. The squeeze is “mommy hands free”, so your little ones can squeeze themselves silly, without the mess and wastefulness of a disposable squeeze.

Sili Squeezers can emerge as young as six months, their individual ability to squeeze will vary from month to month as they grow. Once they have found their ‘squeeze’, the yummy possibilities are limitless.

The Sili Squeeze™ is Patent Pending.
A spill-proof and squeeze-controlled spout

Your little ones’ natural instinct will be to squeeze and suck at the same time, allowing the food to squeeze into their mouth.
What is the Sili Squeeze™ made of?

Our reusable dispensers are Eco-friendly and encourage healthy eating habits for individuals of all ages.

100% dishwasher safe, BPA and Phthalate free

The food-safe silicone body and nipple are naturally UV repellent so you don’t have to worry about the chemical breakdown of the Sili Squeeze™ if left in a car.
Cleaning your Sili Squeeze is easy

Because the Sili Squeeze is made of silicone, you can conveniently wash your Squeeze by hand or on the top rack of your dishwasher.

*Washing by Hand: Always use hot water with your preferred dish soap to effectively sanitize your Squeeze. We recommend any baby bottle brush for hand cleaning.
Reassembling your Sili Squeeze

assembling your SiliSqueeze
Helping the earth, it’s not so silly

Caretakers of our children, caretakers of our world. The Sili Company takes environmental responsibility seriously. We use minimal packaging for our products and recyclable shipping materials. Our reusable products encourage the elimination of single-use, disposable products.
Social responsibility

At The Sili Company, we actively participate in environmental and social responsibility.

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First time Sili Squeezers

Like any new feeding utensil or product on the market, it can take our little ones a few tries before they have the Sili Squeeze figured out completely. Every child is different and learns new things at his or her own pace.

Beginning squeezers and parents should not be deterred by the tightness of the Sili nipple. This resistance is part of our patent-pending, spill-proof design. The nipple valve of the Sili Squeeze is a “purge valve” (this is part of the spill-proof design you will appreciate). Your child will soon discover that by gumming/pinching the nipple valve with their mouth, while simultaneously squeezing the soft, silicon body of the Sili Squeeze will give them the results they want: food!

For first-time squeezers, we recommend putting your child’s favorite puree (applesauce, yogurt, berry blend etc.) inside the Sili Squeeze to make your child’s first experience a fun learning process. Once your child discovers ‘their squeeze,’ snack time will be transformed for you!
Is your growing little one ready for the next phase in Sili Squeezes?

The Sili Squeeze with Eeeze is just as easy to use as the original Sili Squeeze, but designed with a resistance-free nipple spout for older children, who do not have the strong sucking ability like infants do. The Sili Squeeze with Eeeze is no longer spill-proof and mess-proof like the original Sili Squeeze, but continues to provide parents a convenient, reusable way to feed their little ones wholesome, fresh snacks and meals on-the-go. We recommend introducing the Sili Squeeze with Eeeze to our independent eaters, around age 4.

This free-flowing version of the Sili Squeeze is perfect for fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies in addition to yogurt and applesauce snacks on-the-go.

Packing lunch for your growing little one? Fill the Sili Squeeze with Eeeze with a delicious smoothie and freeze it overnight. Pack the wholesome, frozen snack in your child’s lunch for a perfectly chilled snack during recess (and it will keep their lunch cool)!
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Sili Squeeze
Sili Squeeze
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The Sili Squeeze™ is ideal for the parent or caregivers who want to encourage wholesome food for their independent eater on the go.

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