The Sili Company encourages a healthy lifestyle for our families–that’s why we love the freedom of the Sili Squeeze–our little ones can enjoy a homemade, nutrient-rich snack or meal anywhere we go. Enjoy these simple, wholesome recipes from our kitchen to yours. Select a category from the options above and let your child squeeze the goodness today!

Cereal Blends

Apricot Pudding

As winter offers the least amounts of fruits, we appreciate using dried fruits this time of year.  This pudding is a wonderful way to start baby’s day off right!  Packed with the protein and vitamins of the rice cereal, adding the dried apricots and apple juice makes this a nutrient-rich breakfast that’s hard to beat!

Fills one 6 oz. Sili Squeeze
2.5 oz. rice cereal, prepared
1 oz. dried apricots
1 oz. apple juice
1/8 tsp cinnamon or nutmeg

While the rice cereal is still warm, puree the apricots with the apple juice until smooth.  Add the rice cereal to the apricot puree and blend until just combined, careful not to over-mix the rice cereal.  Serve this hearty breakfast to your baby (6+ months recommended) while warm. 

Baby Apple Pie

Share a Thanksgiving tradition – apple pie – with your baby (whether it’s a holiday or not).   Simply combine applesauce with rice cereal or oatmeal, add a little spice if your healthcare professional permits and ta-da…Baby Apple Pie! 

Fills one 6 oz. Sili Squeeze
4 oz. prepared oatmeal or rice cereal
2 oz. applesauce
&nutmeg combination, optional

While the oatmeal or rice cereal is still warm, stir in the applesauce and spices.  Combine well.  Serve warm while the rest of the family is enjoying dessert.

Persimmon Oatmeal
Be sure to enjoy these fruits when they are fully ripe (or else they contain a tannic, chalky quality when you eat them); they will be slightly squishy when you squeeze them.  No need to peel them, their skin is thin and full of nutrients.  Persimmons are loaded with Vitamin C and are an excellent source of potassium.

Fills one 6 oz. Sili Squeeze
4 oz. oatmeal or rice cereal
2 oz. persimmon, diced small

Prepare your oatmeal or cereal as you normally would, but include the persimmon while you do so.  For our Sili Squeezers – be sure the persimmon as broken down enough during the cooking process or simply hand mash the pieces to insure easy flow of your Squeeze.  Serve warm.

Rice cereal & Flax

For a great breakfast on-the-go for your little one, we’ve added a couple nutrient-rich ingredients for maximum nutrition. 

Fills one 4 oz. Sili Squeeze
3 oz. rice cereal, cooked
2 oz. banana
1 TB flaxseed oil

While the rice cereal is still warm, puree the ingredients until well combined.  Serve warm.

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  • quote I've been spending a fortune on disposable squeeze applesauce and went looking for a container option to send organic applesauce to school with my twin ten year old girls. And happily, I found you. I'm going to spread the word here in Oldwick, NJ.

    — Jacky

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