The Sili Company encourages a healthy lifestyle for our families–that’s why we love the freedom of the Sili Squeeze–our little ones can enjoy a homemade, nutrient-rich snack or meal anywhere we go. Enjoy these simple, wholesome recipes from our kitchen to yours. Select a category from the options above and let your child squeeze the goodness today!

Yogurt Blends & Smoothies

Honey & Cream

Although the title says “cream” what we really mean is Greek yogurt (because it is such a creamy treat)! Honey is rich in minerals, vitamins and enzymes–all of which keep your little ones growing. This is one of the quickest yogurt blends you can whip up. Your little one can the squeeze the goodness out of this blend for breakfast or as a snack on-the-go. No recipe needed here–simply add enough honey to sweeten your favorite yogurt and let your little one enjoy this healthful treat.

Jammin’ Yogurt

It’s easy to skimp on fruit during the colder months, but try not to! One great alternative to fresh fruit in your little one’s yogurt blend is an organic fruit preserve or jam that can be found year-round and often from a local purveyor. Be sure to check out the ingredient list (skip the added sugar and preservative filled jars). Add a dollop of the chosen preserves/jam to some plain or vanilla yogurt, mix well and fill your child’s Sili Squeeze with the goodness!

Minty Peas and Yogurt

This cool, refreshing snack is a nice break from all the cooked cereals and meals we give our baby. The mint leaf adds a surprising new element for baby to be tickled about! So simple, so tasty, so healthy.

Fills one 6 oz. Sili Squeeze
3 oz. plain Greek yogurt
1 oz. sweet peas, cooked until tender & bright green
1 mint leaf

Puree all of the ingredients in a blender (make sure your peas are cool!) making sure the mint leaf has been pureed well. Serve immediately!

Creamy Avocados

re rich in folate (healthy cells and tissues) and potassium (metabolism and healthy bodily function) and are a good source of Vitamin K (clots blood).

Fills one 6 oz. Sili Squeeze
4 oz. plain Greek yogurt
2 oz. ripe avocado

Mash the avocado into the yogurt and mix well. For a more unique experience, add fresh mint sprigs (use a blender to combine well).

Simple Orange Yogurt

A simple recipe for a quick energy boost! Orange has some truly energizing qualities for your little one, so we thought adding the zest to their favorite yogurt would be a great morning pick-me-up. You know we love our Greek yogurt and the vanilla version makes a great flavor combination with the orange zest.

Fills one 4 oz Sili Squeeze
4 oz vanilla Greek yogurt
1/2 TB. freshly grated orange zest

Use a microplane zester for the finest zest. Or, you can simply run a knife through your freshly grated zest to make it super fine. Stir the orange zest and yogurt until well combined. Serve chilled.

Banana & Nutmeg Yogurt

This aromatic and healthy smoothie is a great breakfast or snack for your little one on-the-go. We prefer the flavor of whole nutmeg that we grate 'to-order', but ground nutmeg will do the trick, too. Did you know nutmeg can combat asthma and is a strong antibacterial agent? Nutmeg is a wonderful little spice with a laundry-list of beneficial properties for you and your family…Enjoy nutmeg regularly!

Fills one 6 oz. Sili Squeeze
3 oz. banana
3 oz. vanilla Greek yogurt
1/8 tsp freshly grated nutmeg

Puree all the ingredients until smooth. Serve chilled.

Minty Winter Smoothie

A fantastic little treat for your child, this is a perfect snack on-the-go.

Fills one 6 oz. Sili Squeeze
2 oz. banana
2 oz. plain or vanilla Greek yogurt
1 oz. blackberries
1 oz. plain or vanilla hemp milk
4 mint leaves

Puree all the ingredients until smooth. Serve chilled.

Apple Spice Yogurt

Here’s a winter-y snack your little one will enjoy any season.

Fills one 4 oz. Sili Squeeze
3 oz. vanilla Greek yogurt
1 oz. sweet, red apple, peeled
2 tsp. honey
1/8 tsp. cinnamon

Make an ice bath (water & ice in a small bowl for the apple). Steam or boil the apple until fork-tender. Place the apple in the ice bath to stop the cooking process and cool it down. Once cooled, puree the apple, yogurt, honey and cinnamon until smooth. Serve chilled.

Lemon Zest & Peas

A bright snack for your little ones day, the flavors in these peas will be exciting and energizing.

Fills one 4 oz Sili Squeeze
3 oz fresh or frozen sweet peas
1 oz plain Greek yogurt
2 mint leaves, finely chopped
1 tsp lemon zest

Puree the ingredients until well combined. If the peas are frozen, thaw them to cool or room temperature first. Serve cool.

Berries, Mint, Orange Zest

A great snack for your little one when you are on the go, this will keep your child’s taste buds satisfied for hours.

Fills one 6 oz Sili Squeeze
4 oz mixed berries, fresh or frozen
2 oz. plain or vanilla Greek yogurt
1 tsp. orange zest
2 mint leaves, finely chopped

Puree the ingredients until smooth. Serve chilled.

Coconut Banana Smoothie

Coconut water makes a sweet flavor addition to smoothies for our little ones. One of it’s perks- its loaded with potassium. It’s become rather trendy so it is pretty easy to find at any market you frequent.

Fills one 6 oz Sili Squeeze
3 oz vanilla Greek yogurt
2 oz banana
1 oz coconut water

Puree all the ingredients until smooth. Serve chilled

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